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just wanted to say THANK-YOU to MY TOT CLOCK..for your wonderful response this morning.. what a great company ..
We have had our son in a regular bed since he was 15 months old. Because of the clock, he stayed in bed and at 2 years old, has yet to get out of bed. He won't even call for us unless the clock is yellow. So even if he wakes up early, he will wait. Grandma bought clocks for all the kids in the family and now everyone is happy!!!! (Melissa)
We have used this clock for over 4 years now. We have successfully sleep trained two of our children using this very clock. Beautiful idea and great customer service. WORTH EVERY PENNY! Thanks.
My little girl cannot sleep with out her tot clock. She loves it and falls asleep within 10 mins. She doesn't even need her favorite teddy to sleep anymore ( Samantha Mumbai)
This clock is amazing. My boys now go to sleep on their own and stay asleep in their own bed until morning. My youngest son had been climbing in bed with us EVERY night for over 8 months straight. For sleep deprived parents, I can't say enough about this clock. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! (Christine H.)
Love Love Love this clock. My 3 and 4 year old are so excited about this clock. I use to have to stay in their room until they fell asleep. I now leave the room with no complaints after the story ends, they listen to the music then fall asleep. I have told all my sleep deprived friends about this clock! (Christine Heath)
This is the most fantastic invention! 3 days now and our whole house is back to normal as our youngest is staying in her bed now and going to bed with minimal effort. THANK YOU!
It really works. We're fours nights in, and the change is amazing. Instead of playing and keeping each other awake at bedtime, our twins lay down and listen to the lullaby and fall right asleep. Our son has stop waking up at 5am and crying for us - we heard him this morning awake early, but waiting for the morning music to come on. (Barb)
We bought for Christmas for my 5 yr. old who still has sleeping issues and we are going on day 5 and she can't wait to get to bed to listen to her stories. Now, my 8 yr old wants one too. It seems a bit babyish for her, but with the wake-up & time-out features I think it will be practical and she loves the Under the Sea template. (Pat Edmunds)
We had a tough time putting our oldest, 3 years, to sleep on her own while the youngest, 21 months, sleeps well on her own. The Tot Clock made all the difference to our sleep routine because our oldest began sleeping on her own. Before using the clock, I had to sit with her, after reading books, until she fell asleep. Now I have my nights back!
I Love this clock. I thought it was insanely expensive for a child's clock, however after a week of use I have to admit, it was worth every dollar. My child actually stays in bed until it the light goes yellow. I didn't think he would do it but she does. I kind of bought this as our last resort. So happy with it. (Megan)
I love this clock. It bought us all an extra hour of sleep time. Case loves to sing to his morning music and and anticipates the light changing from blue to yellow. I found the story sound to be a little 'tinny', but still a really great idea. I have shared your product site with all of my friends.
Love this product! Avery (age 2) asks to look at "my clock" and if it's yellow, she knows it's ok for "play time", if it's blue, she says, "ok bedtime now Mommy".
I recently gave my granddaughter My Tot Clock. From the first day she was hooked. Now she runs into bed at night on her own so she can see the faceplate turn blue and listen to the stories. (Kathy Bernquist)
I recently gave my granddaughter My Tot Clock. From the first day she was hooked. Now she runs into bed at night on her own so she can see the faceplate turn blue and listen to the stories. (Kathy Bernquist)
Unbelievable! We have had the clock for 2 days, and have used it at naptime and bedtime. She was asleep before the music stopped playing! Thank you!!! (Karen Cast)
We LOVE the tot clock! Our older son is staying in bed in the mornings now, which was why we bought it. We're now discovering so many other ways to use the clock like having a set play time until Mommy has to go make lunch. Our boys are already calmer with fewer meltdowns, they know what to expect. So many ways to use this clock!
We have had our Tot Clock for a little over six months and we love it. My son, who is almost 3, loves it and knows exactly when it is bedtime. It has mostly helped with him waking up to early in the morning. He knows that he is not aloud to get out of his bed until it turns yellow....and it works! (Linda Ritli)
Our son Cole went from sleeping in our bed every night to sleeping and napping in his own room with his 7 month old baby brother sharing the same room! In two nights, he was in his room all night until the light changed to yellow with no fuss at all! Now we go upstairs, he sees the blue face and say "time for ni-night, Mommy". (Christi Schettler)
We LOVE the Tot Clock! It helped teach my son to stay in bed at bedtime and in the am if it was too early. Recently he's given up naps but still has quiet time...he has no idea how long an hr is. So the clock has been great for that! I highly recommend the clock! If it is blue it is quiet/sleep time if it is yellow it is OK to get up!
My 25 month old loves the clock! It only took her a couple of days to understand what each color means. One afternoon I accidentally set the nap timer for too long. She woke up and I tried to get her out of the crib while it was still blue, but she wouldn't let me!! She said she had to wait until it turned yellow. (Sandee R)
My son has never slept better! He is actually excited to go to bed at night and has consistently slept through the night since we purchased the clock. I recommend this to all parents! I only wish we found it sooner! (Meghan Gallo)
This is a great invention. It has so many wonderful features. I have told ever parent I know about it and they order it immediately. Thanks you.
We've had the Tot Clock for 4 days now and our son is finally going to sleep alone when the clock turns blue and 2 mornings he slept past the wake up time of 7am. We are consistent with putting him back in his room if the light is still blue. The light was too bright so we cut out a Safety 1st Sun Shade film and stuck on perfect.
This clock in AMAZING! The very first morning my son slept until "yellow time". We've had a couple of slightly earlier mornings, but 99% of the time we are now getting full night sleeps! Thank you!!!
It really, really works. And, I had a few questions, the customer service is one of the best I have ever dealt with. Thank you Pamela. Love the face covers too. We have not used the music, white noise, or story because the clock works fine without them. It's blue, it's bedtime. It's yellow, you are allowed to get up. SO SIMPLE!(Mona H.)
I bought it for my two daughters, they would just lay there and talk before I got the Tot clock. Now they lay quietly and listen to the stories as they drift off to dream land. (James Hazard)
My daughter has immediately taken to this clock. She doesn't like to start her bedtime ritual at all, but now with the clock she starts her routine once it hits the blue and starts the story time. We haven't successfully gotten her to sleep in the duration we have set, but it is fantastic at least that it has started a pattern that we can expand.
I've turned off the sound features and am only using the lights and it's amazing how quickly she understands to stay in bed when the light is blue but that she can get out when it's yellow!
This is the best thing that could have happend to our house! My daughter has always been a super early riser. We started using it right before her 2nd birthday and by the 2nd night she had caught on! She wont even ask to get up till the yellow light is on, and takes GREAT nap's now too! THANK YOU TOT CLOCK! Best invention EVER!!! (Carrie Wright)
Naptime the second day using My Tot Clock, CJ slept about 30 minutes. She normally sleeps at least an hour. The clock light was still blue. I heard her in the bedroom talking about her blue light for about 3 or 4 minutes then nothing else. She went back to sleep! I have had NO problems with her getting up before she is supposed to since!
Pure magic! We battled for months with my 2.5 year old daughter to get her to stay in bed at nap and bed time. The war finally ended when the My Tot Clock made it's arrival in the bedroom. She loves her clock and begs me to turn it on as soon as she gets in bed. We have had the clock a month now and it is worth it's weight in gold! (Molly)
Our daughter wanted us to sit with her until she fell asleep, and it stretched out from 10-15 minutes to an hour some nights. With the Tot Clock she pushes the button (red for mommy, green for daddy) and when it beeps we leave. She knows to expect it (even says "beep - mummy go!") and never protests. The change happened within a week - wonderful
What an effective product. My son (4) had erratic sleeping routines, waking in the middle of the night and not going to bed easily. Now, he goes to bed at 8:00 and wakes up at a normal time. I love the feature that allows you to turn down the "wake music" for the weekends and summer vacation!! Who doesn't want to sleep in?! (Andrea Shike)
LOVE THIS CLOCK!! It is amazing! My 3 and 6 year old share a room and were waking us up before 6 am many mornings. They now know that they are not allowed out until it is yellow--it has really worked! Also, they love the lullaby music at bedtime. (Katrina Harbers)
MY SANITY SAVER! It's awesome knowing my kids won't be coming out of their rooms until 7:30am & that I WILL get a much needed break for 90 minutes whether they nap or choose to lay quietly in their room. My kids are 3 1/2 & 2 1/2 and we all love them! (Toni Alabakovski)
My little boy LOVES his clock. He chuckles as the story begins and is asleep before the end. It has put an end to all his calls for just 'another' story. He yells out 'hooray, the magic clock is yellow" when its time to get up in the morning. I'm enjoying the sleep ins!! (Joanna Birch)
When our daughter started waking up really early and running into our room, we knew we needed something to keep her in her bed until we were ready to get up. The Tot Clock is AMAZING!!! Now, if we go into her room before her clock turns yellow, she yells at us to get out and won't get up until it does turn yellow! Thank you! (C. Bowman)
My daughter used to start as early as 2am calling me over to see if she could get up yet, and would keep it up till 6:30 when we would allow her to get up. We have only had the clock a week, but every night she has slept past 7am... I guess she was so worried that she would miss getting up time, now she can tell on her own. (Mel Plummer)
My almost 4 year old son had been crawling into bed with us for months, needless to say we were all pretty sleep deprived. Within just a few nights of using the Tot Clock he is now sleeping in his own room all night long! He loves his clock and is so proud of himself when his clock turns yellow in the am. Ellen
Since Chandler was little, we had to coax him to bed. Grandma bought the clock for Christmas; The first night we listened to the included story, He was lulled to sleep quickly, even I was ready for bed! I start the story and he's done! Smart, Fantastic, Perfect, Thank you! (Melissa Brown)
On the 1st night we used the clock, our daughter woke up at her usual 3am, came upstairs, and let us know that it was still nighttime because the clock was blue. She then went back to bed without a fuss. Since then, there have been NO wakeups in the middle of the night! She loves the stories & we love not being woken up! (Lisa Cohen)
Amazing. My 4 yr old daughter (a notorious early bird) historically has woken up before 7:00 a.m. every single morning. She would be so cranky by afternoon and our evenings were nothing but trouble! We've had the My Tot Clock for two weeks now and she has slept until past 7:00(when I have her wake up time set for) every single morning!
I think this clock has magical powers.I bought a white noise machine for my son Bryceyon,but he still kept coming over to my bed. I gave the clock a try. He is fascinated with the clock. At bedtime,he goes crazy if he doesn't see the clock change from yellow to blue. He has to be under the covers before the story starts. AMAZING!!!(Kim Lentz)
My Tot Clock is very Great. I like the color change every situation, so it can cuztomizable to suitable to my family
Wow!! I can't believe all the wonderful features all in one place! The bedtimer is amazing and the music is soothing! (Kerri P.)
my 3 year old is very independend so we had to get him his own clock and when its time to get up in the morning the alarm goes off. the built in nite-lite helps out as well.
My daughter asks to go to bed at night because she wants to listen to her bedtime story. She has not gotten out of bed once! She loves her My Tot Clock. What a great idea! (Karen Wilmes)
Wonderful product. My son is 3 years old and completely understands when it is time to sleep and when he can wake up! He now associates the color blue with "sleepy time" and yellow with "wake-up time." (Amy Foltz)
My twins have completely different sleeping patterns, but after Pamela introduced me her tot clock, my sons are now in bed and asleep for almost the same time every night. Moreover, the boys love the music very much. I would recommend to all the parents who need help to set the right bedtime routine with their children. Thanks, Pamela!(Polly Jones
This was extremely easy. Sam was quick to point out when the blue light was on and it was time to go to bed. (Leslie McWhirter)
By the second night, Chase went to sleep immediately and DID NOT GET UP OR CRY OUT ALL NIGHT! This is the first time I can ever remember him doing that. This clock is BRILLIANT! (Buffy Duhon)
The clock has really helped us a lot. We are able to leave the room without having to lay down with the children which is great. It keeps my nighttime productive because I don’t fall asleep in the 10 minutes I used to stay with them and now I can just go about my business! (Angie Bordeaux)
Thomas was very proud to be able to do this. Has been his best week of sleep. He has noticeably been less exhausted every morning. (Michelle Kemph)
I was really shocked at how quickly Tyler figured it out. He now associates blue to night-night. (Tracy Townsend)
Awesome concept. Great aide for bedtime routine. Great concept for helping children learn their colors, numbers, and even how to tell time. Loved the idea! (Veronica Muizers)
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