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Unbelievable! We have had the clock for 2 days, and have used it at naptime and bedtime. She was asleep before the music stopped playing! Thank you!!! (Karen Cast)
Wow!! I can't believe all the wonderful features all in one place! The bedtimer is amazing and the music is soothing! (Kerri P.)
I think this clock has magical powers.I bought a white noise machine for my son Bryceyon,but he still kept coming over to my bed. I gave the clock a try. He is fascinated with the clock. At bedtime,he goes crazy if he doesn't see the clock change from yellow to blue. He has to be under the covers before the story starts. AMAZING!!!(Kim Lentz)
Since Chandler was little, we had to coax him to bed. Grandma bought the clock for Christmas; The first night we listened to the included story, He was lulled to sleep quickly, even I was ready for bed! I start the story and he's done! Smart, Fantastic, Perfect, Thank you! (Melissa Brown)
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